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The Liberty Memorial Rededication

The Liberty Memorial Rededication

Right after World War I the people of Kansas City decided to build a memorial to honor those who fought for us all. They raised the equivalent of twenty million dollars in just ten days. Dedicated in 1921 the Liberty Memorial is the United State's only national memorial dedicated to WWI.

Time marches on, not only making the memorial's dedication to "those who served in the world war" seem odd but necessitating occasional repairs. The most recent round wrapped up in grand fashion on Memorial Day weekend (May 24th - 27th) 2002. The Native Sons organization held a fund-raising Gala on Friday, May 24th, the Memorial was rededicated on Saturday the 25th, and the public had a chance to check everything out on Sunday & Monday.

I was fortunate enough to be invited to photograph the Gala and Rededication events. Being a thorough sort it took me a bit to get all the images I wanted scanned from the 20 rolls of film I shot over the two days. To those who had to wait so patiently, sorry!

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