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The DST Seasons Project 2002/2003

The DST Seasons Project 2002/2003

DST, the fine folks who continue to provide me with a steady paycheck, started an Arts Council a few years ago. We've had two DST Arts Festivals, the Thayer Art Wall, and numerous other things intended to give us both a better workplace and a glimpse of the neat things our co-workers can do.

One of these things is the Seasons Project. This is a year-long effort by several of us to produce a body of art around a particular theme. For this one we went to Loose Park in Kansas City, Missouri, four times over the course of a year and produced art based on those visits. This little gallery shows (most of) the resulting display. I say 'most of' because there were a couple of pieces I don't have good shots of yet and a few that were running a bit late.

If you happen to be in Downtown, Kansas City, MO during April / May 2003 the lobby of the Block Eighty-Nine building is open to the public. It's on the South East corner of the 11th & Broadway intersection. After May the display will travel on to other parts of DST's empire in Kansas City culminating with an appearance at the 2003 Arts Festival.

You can click on any of the thumbnails to go to a frame-by-frame gallery at a slightly larger size. In the frame-by-frame gallery, clicking the picture takes you to the next one.
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''The Turn of The Seasons''


''Four Seasons #1''

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