Are You A Visionary?
Some people say I'm a "visionary" photographer. I agree, but only if you use my definition:

Visionary: The nice way of saying "sees things"

I got into photography because I see things. By taking pictures of them I can prove that at least some of them are real. To show you what I mean, look at this scene:

Do you see the giraffe? This is a gate into a maintainence area of the Kansas City Zoo. When they remodeled the Zoo and added the new, naturalistic Africa section they took over another section of the park and a small lake. For those of you in the Kansas City area, this is the gate that you pass if you come in from 435 on Gregory. Probably the first time I looked at this gate I said "what a neat giraffe!" My wife didn't see it. That's ok, she's been known to miss a lot of things. Talked to other people. They didn't see it. Talked to people at the zoo. They hadn't seen it. Stopped to take a picture and had to wait for a truck pulling out of the area. One guy went back inside to get something they forgot and the other guy got suspicious of me staring at him so I went over to explain that I was just getting a picture of the giraffe. These gentlemen had been driving through the gate several times a day for almost three years. They hadn't seen it. <sigh>

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