The 'On The Level' Series
One of the galleries I'm in put out a list of display guidelines. Good things mostly but a few that could be objectionable if the wrong sort ever got onto the group in charge of keeping an eye one things. One of the guidelines was that we were supposed to make sure that none of our pictures are 'askew'.

For some reason this inspired me....

"On The Level #1"

"On The Level #2"
Turns out that the latest addition to my arsenal of lenses, the 'area weapon' my ever-indulgent wife got me for Christmas 2002 is perfect for this sort of thing. It's a 17-35 f/3.5 Ultra-wide zoom with amazingly low distortion. Look for more of these images to appear later, all added here after I get them framed up and find a spot to hang them for the 'demo' shot.

None of these images are on merchandise in the store but there are some neat ones there...
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