A Leonid Meteor!

Look right in the middle. See that little streak? That's it!

With all the buildup my wife and I really wanted to see the show, but with work and such we knew we couldn't do it 'right' (i.e., drive way out to the middle of nowhere with proper gear).

I went ahead and got up a few minutes early and stepped out to our back yard. Even with all of the city's sky glow, the streetlight out in front of our house, and the full moon, I was seeing some streaks. I went ahead and woke up my ever-indulgent wife and she came out to join me. We were rewarded with a number of streaks, some fairly bright, and one beautiful one that left a long, broad green trail that took several seconds to fade.

Since I knew I wasn't going to be able to get great shots I just set up my little digital and snapped away. As you can see, I did manage to capture one streak.
Click here to see the image at full size.

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