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Our 2003 Pumpkins

Our 2003 Pumpkins

As noted in the Benchmade Pumpkin page, I've accumalated a vast array of Pumpkin carving tools, mostly from the Pumpkin Masters folks. As usual they added a few new things to their lineup and so did I.

I made one 'dual' pumpkin with a design carved through on one side and onto on the other - that's the white one. On the big one I did the 'on' side and decided it was too late to mess with the other side. Besides, where I plan to display that one you won't be able to see the other side.
The small one is my Benchmade pumpkin that I did as a test. It's holding up pretty well for having been carved two weeks ago, but it is a bit shriveled.

You can click on any of these thumbnails to go to a larger version of the pictures. On the larger versions you can click your way through the whole list.

This is the big one. With them 8 - 0, it had to be done. I pulled the logo from the Chief's website and used red food coloring to do the 'KC'.

This is the 'through' design on the white pumpkin. I used the Pumpkin Masters new 'create a pumpkin' CD to draw the pattern.

This is the 'onto' side of the white pumpkin. Another desing from the program. Those white pumpkins are so thick it doesn't glow as well as I'd like, but where it will be there will be light shining on this side anyway.

The glowing ghost. The white one looked good after dark, as you can see here.

The red doesn't show as well on the arrowhead when it's lit, but it still looked neat.

Hope you had a Happy Halloween!

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