Missouri Gun Rights Rally Day

April 1st, 2009

Missouri's 17th or 18th (no one's sure) annual Gun Rights Rally Day was held on April 1st, 2009 at the State Capital in Jefferson City, Missouri.

We overflowed the Capital's Rotunda with around 350+ people and had a long line of Missouri Politicians waiting to speak to us, after which we fanned out to have some one on one time with our Representatives and Senators.

I was there with my ever-indulgent wife's little Sony 'Webbie' Handycam. It's a tiny little thing and really meant more for outdoor use than in a somewhat dimly lit interior space. Due to the crowd I wasn't able to use a tripod (well, I used a small one as a handle to get more height) so it's not only dark, it's shakey as well. Lucky you.

I did my best to get each speaker on their own segment, only missing once. I was running low on storage so toward the end I paused to clear some space and missed one of the best speeches of the day (which, of course, turned out to be the last one and probably would have fit).

Ah well, whether you were there or not, I hope you enjoy:

All of the files are in WMV (Windows Media) format and are set to open in a new window. If you're on dial-up, well.... sorry, it's going to take a while.

1 Spin pan - A look around the Rotunda before the start so you can get an idea of how full it was.

2 Introduction / Jim Guest

3 Linda Fischer (107th)

4 Ed Schieffer (11th)

5 Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder

6 Gov's Rep Peter Lykowski (Lyskowski?) / Kevin Engler (Maj. Floor leader starting at 05:18)

7 Gun Nuts / Brian Munzlinger

8 Jerry Nolte

9 Belinda Harris

10 Chuck Gatschenberger

11 Jeanie Riddle

12 Jason Smith

13 Kenny Jones

14 Mark Parkinson

15 Anne Zerr

16 Larry Crawford

17 SFC Stu - a big nut

As I said, I missed the last speech of the day and it was one of the best. Mr. Kevin Jamieson, if you have a copy of your prepared remarks I can post / link to, I'd appreciate it.

All typos and misspelled names are my fault. As you spot them please let me know. Thanks!

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