My Snakeskin Fountain Pen

At the 2008 Brookside Art Fair in Kansas City we found an artist who, among other things, had hand made pens. Most were the usual nicely turned wood. Some were very nice wood.

But the ones that caught my eye were the ones that looked like snakeskin.

Turns out they looked like snakeskin because they are snakeskin - he gets the skins, cuts out the sections he needs, forms them and seals them under a clear resin.

I was attracted to the coolest looking one but it was a somewhat stubby design and a roller ball. I was torn between it and a very nice wooden fountain pen in his largest style.

Fortunately he had a 'Havanna' style pen in the skin I liked and was able to swap the pen pieces from the roller ball insert to the fountain pen insert. Because it's a large enough pen it will take the standard short ink cartridges, the double-length European cartridges, and a nifty little 'converter' that lets you use ink from a bottle.

Oh and the snake? It's called a 'Black & Silver snake' - a deep, rich black blending into silver. From my web searches it's apparently a specific (and rare) Ball Python mutation.

The artist is John M. Russell of Linden, VA. click here for a page about him (with contact info)

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