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A quick look at our cats - especially the new kitten

A quick look at our cats - especially the new kitten

I've always had cats. My wife never really had cats growing up but I've helped cure her. We currently have three cats. The oldest one is named Hai-Mao which, if you pronounce it correctly is 'black cat' in Mandarin Chinese. You should be able to guess which one he is. He was born in 1987, arbitrarily decided to be June 6th. We picked him out of a box in front of a K-Mart by my usual method of reaching in and seeing who stuck to my arm.

When we got Hai-Mao we had two other cats who have since passed away. Shortly before the second one passed in 2000 my wife finally admitted that Hai-Mao needed someone to play with and we got our orange cat from a friend of mine. His name is his job description: Buddy. He's a fine and hefty specimen, weighing in at about 18 lbs. Since we got him from a friend we know his birthday is May 28th, 2000.

Unfortunately, Hai-Mao is so much older (and only 8 lbs.) he really doesn't want to play with Buddy -- which seldom seems to bother Buddy that much when he' s playing with Hai-Mao. In any case, my wife rather quickly came to realize that Buddy needed someone to play with him and we got our newest kitten.

We went out looking for a little calico female. We came home with a mixed Himalayan male - both parents are purebreed Himalayans, but of different types. It's a bit early to tell for sure but he appears to be either a Chocolate Point or a Blue Point. Himalayans don't really get their markings until they're 6 months old and since he's currenlty only 12 weeks old... Born October 27th, 2001 (same day as my sister's birthday), we once again went with a name that took a lot of thought: Hairy.

Please excuse any specks on the scans - Hairy is a very helpful kitten.

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Sneaking Under

Winnie & Hairy

Obscured by Toys



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