Tips From an Uber Driver

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Now that I've been an Uber driver for a few months I thought I'd share some tips and tricks. While I have been told that I'm "The best Uber driver ever!" that's not an official title. In other words, your mileage will vary. These tips are in pretty much the order they happened to occur to me, with some of the more important ones moved to the top in case you get bored and stop reading early. Also, these are based on my experience in the Kansas City area so there are things that will be different in other areas.

My number one tip: if you haven't signed up for Uber yet, be sure to enter the code "29FV3UE" when you do. If you're a passenger that will get you up to $20 off of your first ride (which will probably make it free). If you're signing up as a driver, I'll get a referral bonus when you start driving. If you're a driver you can still enter my code even if you've started driving. It will work until you hit the magic number for your area (it's 20 fares in Kansas City)

First, a few tips for passengers:

Tips for drivers:

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