Making A Money Clip

I do a bit of hand engraving and decided I wanted to make some money clips, both for gifts and for sale. In fact, you can buy a nice, engraved money clip from me on my Etsy store.

You can buy all sorts of clips that you can engrave but it's a pain engraving a curved surface - especially one as curved as the end of a money clip. It's much easier to engrave things when they're flat. I know how to do bracelets - forming them even work-hardens the metal enough you don't need to do anything else.

But money clips....

So I turned to the ever-helpful folks at The Engraver's Cafe - one of the premier Hand Engraving sites on the web.

I quickly learned what to do and now I'm passing the info along to the next folks (that would be you).

Basically you take a 4-5/16" long strip of 16 guage silver, engrave it, use a padded vice to bend that 5/16" bit to form the lip you put the money in under, bend it to rough shape with a jig, use the padded vise to close it the rest of the way, then temper it at 527 - 600 degrees F for 30 minutes to make it springy.

Click on the first thumbnail and the go through the frame-by-frame gallery to get the detailed instructions.

Once again, all helpful info was given to me, all errors I most likely did on my own.

Clicking on the thumbnails will take you to a frame by frame gallery
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Bending jig, top view

Bending jig, side view

Starting blank

Engraved, not formed

In the vise

Ready to bend

First bend

In the jig

Wrapping around

Tightening up

That should do it

Formed clip, side view

Formed clip, top view

Tempering set up

Into the kiln!

Back out of the kiln

Cleaning up

Finished clip, front side

Back of the finished clip
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