A Solo Exhibition of my work

The company that I work for, DST has a corporate art space in the Thayer Building at 9th & Broadway, downtown Kansas City, MO. This display rotates quarterly and features a single employee's artwork. They actually just started this - the initial display was a set of paintings by a security guard.

The July - September 2002 exhibit was scheduled to be Photography so I submitted an application. Lo and behold, I was selected! That means that for three months I've got a solo exhibition running in downtown KC.

Unfortunately, since it's inside a 'regular' building it's not really open to the public - if you are a DST employee, or if you know one, then you can get in to see it. Technically you could go in the entryway and look through the window past the guard, or go in and ask if you can see it, but that's not the sort of thing I'm supposed to encourage.

Those of you who don't have ready access to a DST security badge aren't totally out in the cold, however: you do have this webpage where I can at least give you an idea of how it looks:

A wide shot showing the whole wall

This shot shows you the set on the left a bit better.
Notice how Hairy Kitten is looking up at Buddy who's looking down at the dancers who are peeking at the Girl In Conservatory who's looking at Hairy Kitten who's...

Over on the right you can see the cheerleaders and the rest of the parade heading into the display, going past the Titanic at Union Station exhibit and the Waterlillies. For those of you who get to see this live, the extra depth and color of the Waterlillies is because it's on Kodak's Metallic Color paper - a special paper that gives an incredible sheen and luminance to images. It's a surface effect that can't be reproduced in print or on the web.

Right in the middle of it all you can see the Royal Court from the Kansas City RenFest, and a little better view of both Hairy Kitten and the Waterlillies.

The opening reception was held on July 1st. My ever-indulgent wife took these shots:

As I promised my co-workers, they had punch and cookies, although most people did seem to be more interested in the artwork...

I had to be there, of course.

Many people had questions about the Impressionist Technique

For those of you wondering, the button I'm wearing reads:
"Isn't 'Visionary' the nice way of saying 'Sees things'?"

That's about all there is to it. If you have the chance do try and stop by - these images really want to be big and the 16x20's in this exhibit really are about the smallest size they're happy with.

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