Impressionist Portraiture

Have you ever wished you had fine art for your walls that really reflected you and your tastes? Or even better, art that not only shows who you are but shows you as well?

That's what I offer via my Impressionist Portraiture service.

During an initial consultation we make sure you know what I can and can't do and figure out exactly what you're looking for. After that we get together for an environmental portrait session. Depending on what we decide we may be able to do this right away or I may have to meet with you (possibly at another location) at another time.

We start with an environmental, as opposed to traditional, portrait for two reasons. One is that we want to reflect your tastes and lifestyle rather than just how you happen to look that day. The other is a bit more pragmatic: after going through the process used to produce the Impressionist version a 'standard' portrait does not look good. In fact, they can be rather disturbing. If you've looked through the Impressionist Photography section of my site you've probably noticed that the faces are generally either obscured or compose only a small part of the image.

After the shoot I go off and process the slides (I shoot the initial images on transparency film for technical reasons). Then I go through the images and select the ones that will work best with the technique while giving the sort of image you've chosen. When I've narrowed down the set I produce the Impressionist versions. Generally this will include several images done in a variety of ways.

After this I bring you a 'proof book' - a small album of prints of the Impressionist images that you use to select your final image. If the final print size you've chosen is one that requires cropping then a crop guide and instructions will be included with the proof book. You take the time you need to look at all the pictures and confer with your friends and family. When you're ready you tell me which image you've chosen and I have your final print produced. When everything's ready I bring you your final package and pick up the proof book.

Your final package includes your Impressionist Portrait, of course, along with a 'normal' size print of the image I used to produce it. This is included in case any of your friends refuse to believe your new artwork really is a picture of you. While your final print is ready to hang, the 'reference' picture is provided as an unmounted print so you can arrange it any way you want. The package also includes a small bonus item I won't reveal here - suffice it to say that so far everyone's been very happy with it.

Because the Impressionist pictures want to be big, and also because of the amount of labor involved your final print will be at least 16 x 20 inches. While that sounds awfully big when you're holding it in your hand, it's actually a rather cozy size when it's up on a wall. The full list of sizes available is: 16x20, 20x24, 20x30, 24x36, 30x40, 40x50, and 40x60 inches. As noted, the prints are ready to hang. I have them mounted on to a substrate and edged, providing a nicely framed look without the considerable weight of glass. The print is arranged so that it stands a short distance out from the wall, giving a nice 'floating' effect. Alternate mounting methods are available if you so desire but will involve additional charges.


As I noted above, some of these final image sizes involve 'cropping' the image. This is just the technical term for cutting off the bits that don't fit. All of the images are produced in the 2 x 3 aspect ratio of 'normal' 35mm photography. Even for those where I use a larger camera during the process the 'important' part of the image is still in a 2x3 ratio. A 16x20 print, however, has a 4 x 5 aspect ratio so not all of the image will fit. I'll explain all of this and show you examples during the initial consultation.

Price & Availability:

At this time this service is only available in the Kansas City area. The current price list is:
16x20 - $500
20x24 - $550
20x30 - $600
24x36 - $700
30x40 - $900
40x50 - $1,300
40x60 - $1,500
Additional prints are available at reduced prices.

How do I get started?

If you're interested in this service, just get in touch with me to set up that initial consultation. You can call me at (816) 468-4836, email me at or click here to use a simple form to send me a message. In the meantime, take a look through the gallery of Impressionist Images here on my site and start thinking about how you want your picture to look!

(This version is cropped for a 16x20 or 40x50 image)

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