How to make a Graver Roll Case

This page shows how to make a simple roll case for carrying / storing your gravers. Be sure and go through the frame-by-frame detailed instructions.

Basically you just take some suitable material - I use some heavy muslim / light denim material that's cheap, durable, and easy to write on with a permanent marker (I label each slot with the graver it holds). Print out the pattern for the case you want to make, either for GRS style gravers (with QC collets on them) or Lindsey style gravers (no collets). Right click and 'save target' on the one you want:

GRS Graver Case Pattern
Lindsey Graver Case Pattern

The patterns are sized to the finished edge of the fabric. Since the stuff I use tends to fray with great abandon I cut the cloth about 3/8" wider all of the way around and then hem the edges. I use a wide, short stitch to hold the hem down. Then you just sew on the cord for the tie (I just use 550 cord), fold up the bottom and sew the slots. Again, the frame-by-frame version has the details.

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The supplies

Getting started

Cut it out

Starting the hem

Hemming along

All hemmed up.

Sew down the tie

Sewing the slots

All finished!

Ready for travel.
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