2010 Engrave-In

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My Critique piece

This piece offered up for critique is one of mine.

Great feedback!

To summarize, yes, the elbows and doglegs are because I just smeared on some transfer wax and drew the scroll, then cut it. Should have taken more time on both but this was just a quickie so I'd have something of mine to wear.

Now that I know what an 'S' scroll is I'll be sure to take better care of the spine at the transition.

And when I get a chance I'll go back and add some shading to that bright bit at the top - normally when I do this I make pendants and thats the area where I put the hole.

Really, I was just hoping to achieve 'not too sucky' so I was quite pleased to hear that I did manage to get some things right on this. Like I said, I did it in an hour or so just for myself.

Next one I'll make bigger and less lethally pointy.

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