2010 Engrave-In

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Chris Booysen's Engrave-In Auction donation

To help defray the high costs to Scott of putting on the Engrave-In we had an auction this year.

South African Knife Maker and Engraver Chris Booysen donated a lovely knife to the auction. Since Chris wasn't able to attend either BLADE or the Engrave-In he had a friend of his bring the knife to BLADE and I jumped on the chance to take it from there to the Engrave-In.

I seized the opportunity to grab some quick shots of the knife. I did the best I could working in my hotel room but it looks even better in person.

Amazingly, Chris said this is the first knife he engraved and the first time he tried doing bulino (the lovely leopards).

If I'd had a bigger budget, I'd have the knife.

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