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2002 Photo Calendars

2002 Photo Calendars

Every year I make a family calendar. Over the years it's become a bigger and bigger production, moving from pictures printed on my simple inkjet to the current design with actual photographs glued down on the pages.

As the calendars got better, people outside the family began asking if they could get a copy. Figuring that they really didn't need to know my birthday or my brother's anniversary I started to produce a 'general' version with all of the holidays and none of the 'family' days. There was enough interest last year that this year I'm making them available via my web site. They cost U.S. $20 plus $2 shipping and handling within the United States. If you're outside the U.S. and for some reason want a calendar that lists a bunch of U.S. holidays, let me know and I'll find out what the shipping would be.

As I said, I generally do a calendar each year, which features pictures I took during the past year. This year I got a new toy that lets me turn nice, normal pictures into things that look like Impressionist paintings. It's an entirely analog, photographic process - no pixels are harmed. I've been having so much fun with it I decided to do an additional calendar of these Impressionist images. While going through the pile of pictures from the year that we thought might be good enough to be on the calendar, my wife decided that we had so many good animal pictures that we had to do an all-animals calendar.

Each calendar is hand made and may be signed if you so desire. They're printed on heavy stock with actual photographs pasted on for maximum picture quality. They're an 8.5" x 11" sheet folded in half and run for 13 months. Here's a shot of the cover of one of them:

And here's what it looks like opened up:

Please note that the images are scans from the negatives and may look slightly different from the actual prints. Blame the differences on my modest scanner (HPS20), differences in monitor calibration, and the cat who 'helped' me with the scanning.

If you'd like to get a copy of any of the calendars just send me an email at:

Tell me which calendar(s) you want, how many, and whether or not you want them signed. If you want them signed and don't say otherwise, I'll sign the cover. I have limited ability to accept on-line payments (PayPal).

Click on the calendar image below to go to a gallery showing all of the images on that calendar:

2002: KC Reflections

Photographic Impressions 2002

Animal Urges 2002

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